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Anchor Sigil Ring for men – XXL Hardwear Shop Barcelona


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  • Anchor Sigil measures: 17 mm
  • Silver Plated
  • Nickel-free – hypoallergenic
  • Size N 21 / 20 mm diameter

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Product Description

Our Anchor Sigil ring for men is quite a statement and has its own charisma. The central piece is a relief of an anchor design under an ornate crown, over a circular dented base and a wide plain band. Manly and sophisticated. The sigil is very detailed and decorative, and added to the irregular face of the ring gives a vintage look that will be hard to forget.

This ring comes on One Size, 20mm diameter. It works great with medium to large hands. Keep in mind that the ring is sturdy, so we recommend a tighter fit for easier wear.

As many of our rings and accessories, we plate our pieces with 9 micrones of silver. A thick finishing that will withstand well time and everyday wear.

Our Anchor Sigil ring is made with nickel-free metals, so that it will not taint the skin or cause any allergic reactions.


  • Anchor Sigil measures: 15 mm
  • Silver Plated
  • Nickel-free – hypoallergenic
  • Size N 21 / 20 mm diameter

XXL Hardwear es una marca fabricante de bisutería para hombres y accesorios hechos a mano para personas de estilos alternativos. Establecida en Barcelona en 1998.


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