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Circular turquoise ring


This ring features a large natural turquoise stone in a circular setting. Silver-plated and anti-allergic it is also known as the ‘Jimi Hendrix ring’.  Ships worldwide.

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Product Description

Our circular turquoise ring is one of the undisputed favourites at XXL Hardwear. Daring, and with a strong character, this ring consists of a silver-plated smooth, circular base covered with a brilliant natural turquoise stone with natural mineral seams and markings. The turquoise has a smooth semicircular cut, slightly raised from the silver border of the ring.

Smooth but with porous texture, the stone is brilliant, and needs nothing more than its size to grab your attention.

This is the ring we sell when guitarists come asking for the Jimi Hendrix ring – it is suitable for large hands and can be seen from a distance with is diameter of 2cm.

This ring, like all of our pieces, is made from nickel-free metals and therefore doesn’t stain skin or provoke allergic reactions. Silver-plated, the finish is suitable for every day use and is resistant to wear over time. It can be worn in the shower, or in fresh water, although we advise against use in swimming pools where chlorine may damage the finish.

Traditionally, turquoise is a sacred stone for Native Americas, a symbol of the union between heaven and earth, connecting the physical body with its astral self.



  • Diameter of stone: 20mm
  • Silver-plated
  • Nickel-free
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Size: 21mm


XXL Hardwear is a manufacturer of handmade jewellery for men and women with alternative style. Established in Barcelona 1998.


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