Illuminati Necklace


Silver-plated pewter Illuminati necklace.  A symbol of vigilance and divine knowledge.



Necklace with Illuminati eye medallion also known as the Eye of Providence, All-seeing Eye or Eye of God. It is a symbol of vigilance, divine knowledge and one that erases the bad and the ignorant.

The necklace includes a chain with rounded links of 2mm diameter and a length that can be personalised.   The chain is made from silver-plated pewter.

This necklace, like all of our pieces, is made from nickel-free metals and therefore doesn’t stain skin or provoke allergic reactions. The chain is made from stainless steel, suitable for every day use and is resistant to wear over time. It can be worn in the shower, in fresh water or to the beach, although we advise against use in swimming pools or prolonged exposure to alcohols or perfumes that may damage the finish.

You can also choose the length of chain that suits best between 40 and 60cm.



  • Chain width: 0.2mm
  • Illuminati medallion diameter: 1.5cm
  • Total length: 60/70cm (specify the preferred length in cm)

XXL Hardwear designs and makes alternative jewellery for men and women. Handmade in Barcelona since 1998.

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