Meshed leather bracelet


Unique braided leather and metal bracelet suitable for men and women.



This bracelet combines meshed metal and leather in an ethnic style and is ideal to combine with other bracelets or wear on its own.  With a practical 1cm clasp you can put on or remove this bracelet easily and comfortably.

The silver treatment is aged to imitate ancient silver. The more it is worn, the more it will shine. It is made from nickel-free brass and covered in a 9” silver-plated finish.

Furthermore, you may choose the size you prefer as a gift, or as an addition to your own wrist. This bracelet is unisex.

This bracelet for men or women can be worn in the shower, in fresh water or to the beach, although we advise against use in swimming pools that may damage the finish.



  • Clasp size: 1cm
  • Chain width: 0.9cm
  • Size: 17cm / 18cm / 20cm / 22cm
  • Nickel-free
  • Silver-plated
  • Anti-allergic


XXL Hardwear designs and makes alternative jewellery for men and women. Handmade in Barcelona since 1998.

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